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Super Mom With Superpowers


Being a mom is no cup of tea. It is a huge responsibility for a women and she has no time for leisure. She has to prioritize taking care of her family and kids, taking care of her house, managing house chores etc.

Back in my mom’s college days she used to be in a band called super girls. It was this super cool band who played great music they would perform in college all the time.

After college they always wanted to continue with the band but everything changed. Everyone had different plans after college and the band was so more.

Every time she talks about the band, you could see how badly she wanted to still be a part of it and play again.

Years later one Tuesday evening we were passing by the Kadence – Store and my mom suddenly pulled me along to go watch the event that was happening there !

An Open Mic was taking place where everyone were jamming together and enjoying the evening filled with music. I had never seen her so excited about something so much and she had the biggest smile on.

The energy of her youth sparkled in her eyes and she seemed so connected to the music. We told her to go up and give it a try. She hesitated first because it had been very long since she had played.

And wow she was so gooodddd!! That’s when I decided that I’m going to do everything I can to help her get back to music ….

When we went back home I removed her guitar from that shelf and told my mom it’s never going up there again.

She started playing at the Kadence store every Tuesday and she was so happy. She met a few people there and she started playing with them regularly.

They are now planning to create a new band and I’m so proud of my mom. She is my superwoman and I know what she does is not easy but still she manages to balance everything.

The best part! She is perfect in everything she does and gives it her all.

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    I never knew you threw concerts up in you store. That’s really creative