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Kadence 15 Watt Guitar Amplifier with Clean Reverb and Quality Audio Output

Introducing the BT15 Guitar Amplifier – your compact powerhouse for amplified guitar sound. This versatile amplifier delivers impressive performance in
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Kadence 5 watts Pocket Guitar Amplifier

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Kadence Guitar Amplifier Wire (KAD-AMP-GA10) with Back Support – Stand

Original price was: ₹12,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,899.00.
15 WATT AMPLIFIER 15W Amp with Built In Speaker, 1/4" Instrument Input, Headphone Jack & AUX Input for Playing Along to Music on Phone or MP3 Player EASY TO USE CONTROLS Integrated Controls Include Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume & Grind , enjoy ultimate control with multiple adjustable dials, a built-in speaker and jack for headphones AUX HOOKUP 1/8" headphone out jack Connects a phone or MP3 player to play guitar alongside your favorite recorded music SOUND CREATIVITY experiment with various controls and effects on the guitar and amp, helping to expand your musicality SECURED EDGES Secured hard rubber corner edges Makes your amplifier stand safe and stable also protects your amplifier from damage and dents

Kadence XA-8 portable Guitar Amplifier

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The X8 is a small guitar amplifier that you may use to boost the sound of your guitar or any other mobile device that doesn't require it to add effects to the music already there. Guitar amplifier will last for more than 7 hours. To prevent the distortion tone brought on by low power status, kindly charge in advance. It is a fantastic complement to the built-in effects processing system of the X8