Kadence Frontier Guitars Series

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    Frontier Guitars: The Guitar series that revolutionized the Indian Guitar scene forever

    The Frontier series was launched by Kadence at a time when finding a good quality Guitar in the country at an affordable price was considered a herculean task.

    Sure, there were a few big brands making quality guitars but none of them seemed to care about the Indian consumer at large, they were all content making decent profits from the few privileged who could afford their instruments.

    But that is not the real India, the real India is in its villages as much as it is in its cities, it is in the big metros as well as in its small cities that are trying to make a name for themselves. 

    The Frontier series was thus introduced to make sure everybody had access to a good quality guitar that met global standards without the need to spend a fortune. 

    Now you may ask,

    Why are Frontier Guitars so Popular?

    Frankly speaking, Frontier is the guitar series that really put Kadence on the map. Shortly after its release, Kadence became a household name across the country. 

    We would see happy customers post reviews from the remotest villages of India and that was what made us feel we did something. 

    And the factors that we think earned us those positive reviews are as follows:

    Meticulous Design

    Frontier Guitars are crafted keeping beginner guitar players in mind. These guitars are sleek, stylish, and very easy to use.

    While designing a Frontier Guitar, our objective was to make it look and feel premium even when the Guitars are priced low.

    Materials used:

    Frontier is probably the only entry-level Guitar series in the world that does not feel entry-level in any way. This is because we use only the best possible materials to build these guitars. 

    The top of a Frontier is made from spruce wood, while its back and sides feature top-quality mahogany wood, a combination that produces a warm and balanced tone.

    Impeccable Sound Quality:

    The Frontier Guitars are more than capable of beating Guitars above their weight class when it comes to sound quality. The reason why this series has received so much praise and has lasted all these years in the market, is primarily because of its great sound output and unique ability to provide a warm and balanced tone.

    The guitar also has a built-in preamp and tuner, which are perfect for players who want to perform on stage.


    This feature adds the cherry on top, the Frontier Guitar’s versatile nature makes it the best guitar for beginners. These Guitars produce a warm and balanced tone that is suitable for a wide range of music genres. Whatever it is that you want to play, trust us, you can never go wrong with a frontier.

    Value for Money:

    We will leave this for you to decide. Go browse the marketplace and see for yourself, if there is any other Guitar series that matches the quality of the Frontier series for the price it is available for.

    Lastly, we would like to highlight that the Frontier Series isn’t just a stepping stone – it’s a guitar that grows with you. As your skills progress, this instrument will keep up, offering the playability and sound you need to tackle new challenges.

    And we promise you, you will never forget your first Frontier, so get yours now and start making memories!


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