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I play the Saxophone, what’s your Superpower?

In the late 90s radio, tape recorder and cassettes were a big thing in most Indian households.
And, my dad, being interested in music and movies, had bought one for our home too. After returning from work, I’d often see him reading the newspaper, sipping chai while listening to music in peace to relax himself. He’s such a good listener that he’d keenly listen to the lyrics, all musical instruments used in the making of the song and explain it to me and I’d be in awe of his intelligence.


In his early days of schooling, he’d play the cornet very well in his March past band.
Although dad was evidently musically inclined, he never got the time to actively pursue it. He was mostly busy with his office work and then spent the rest of the time following up with my studies and other fun activities of our family. On weekends, he’d take all of us to music events, mostly for Jazz and contemporary. That’s when I learnt about his fascination with Saxophones! He’d close his eyes, feel its rhythm and beats in his heart and go into a different zone altogether. He’d clap and cheer the loudest after witnessing such mind blowing performances.
It’d make me happy to see him in that zone, then.


My father celebrated his 50th birthday two months ago and is at home now, enjoying his retirement life. After saving up some money, I knew just what I wanted to give him for his birthday. I went online and bought a brand new Kadence Saxophone after getting recommendations from many of my friends. When he unpacked the gift and looked at me with the warmest smile on his face and said, “Thank you, I’m proud of you, child”.
After that day, my dad has now enrolled himself for music classes and practices regularly without missing a day! Seeing him being so passionate about what he loves inspires me to give my 100% in whatever I do. He says there’s no definitive age to learn something new.


He says, “In the second innings of my life, I want to continue winning everyone’s hearts with Saxophone because my heart’s still young and I’ve got the music in me!

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