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Music : My New Habit


Music My New Habit – Before this pandemic happened! I went on a trip to Europe with my college group and something happened there that changed my perspective of life forever.

So every morning we all used to report to the bus and start our day tour.

The Tour manager would play a nice song for us with his guitar and we would all just sing along and every beginning of the day would be lovely It’s not just that every evening when we would all be so tired he would always have the energy to play us a song and trust me it would just lighten the whole mood.

It would literally take the whole days stress away and we would all become cheerful again. This was repeated for 10 days and when I was back home the only way I wanted to start and end my day was with a song.

That small thing created such a big impact that it felt like a good habit that I dint want to let go off!

Music is like therapy. It moves people.

Once you get addicted, it’s the ultimate source that takes all your pain and worries away.

Just like that I want the music of our instruments to create a positive impact on people!


You can always express how you feel through music weather you’re happy or sad. It helps you express feelings that your cannot express in words, Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears – it is a remedy.

For some people music is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!


Music will always make you happy! It elevates your mood and helps you decrease your stress hormones.


Playing music or listening to music can always bring people together. It creates a positive environment for everyone and makes everyone happy.


An instrument big or small, it can be your favorite companion while travelling. It has so many benefits and can also be a great source of entertainment.


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