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    Kadence Avacado Green Ukulele and Learning Combo Pack

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    Hawaiin Blue Pineapple Shape Concert Ukulele 24″ Saple Wood with Binding

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    Martini Yellow Pineapple Shape Concert Ukulele 24″ Saple Wood with Binding

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    Kadence Bloody Mary Red Pineapple Shaped Concert Ukulele with Learning Combo and Bag

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    Demicut Away Concert Mahogany Ukulele With Bag

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    Things to Consider While Buying a Ukulele

    Ukuleles are the four stringed, friendliest instruments on the planet and it isn’t complicated to find a ukulele for beginners.

    However, you need to consider a couple of factors before buying, two of which are: The Size and the Pricing. Let’s talk about the size first: The Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone.


    Soprano- Soprano is the smallest among the four sizes. It has the classic size. Sopranos have 12-15 frets and the smallest body. It is ideal for kids, travel due to its small size hence portable, and for players with small hands.

    Concert- Concert has typically 15-20 frets. It’s slightly bigger than Soprano in size. It gives a fuller sound as compared to its younger sibling, Soprano. Concert is ideal for beginners’ as it’s not too big or small. It’s suitable for all travel adventures and produces a very solid sound.

    Tenor- It’s bigger in size than Soprano and Concert and has a bigger fretboard, hence is mostly preferred by professional players.

    Baritone- It is the biggest crossover for guitar players. It is the biggest size amongst all.


    When it comes to the Price of the Ukulele, a rule of thumb is that the bigger the instrument gets, the pricier it becomes.  Therefore, the Soprano being the smallest of the lot is usually priced the least, whereas, the Baritone (the biggest size) is sold at a higher price point.

    However, there are several other factors at play- like quality and type of material (plastic, wood etc.) being used in manufacturing that influence the pricing of the instrument.

    What are the Different types/sizes of Ukulele?


    There are 4 main Types, namely (in size ascending order):

    1. Soprano (We Call It The Wanderer)
    2. Concert
    3. Tenor
    4. Baritone


    There are a few more sizes (like the Super Soprano and the Guitalele) and shapes (Pineapple). However, these are the top four most common sizes you will come across.

    To get a detailed view of the different types of ukuleles and the differences between them, you can refer to this article.

    How is the Ukulele different from Guitar?

    Both the guitar and the ukulele are stringed instruments. Guitars are bigger in size. A standard guitar has six strings whereas a ukulele has four strings. The Fretboard on the ukulele is way thinner and shorter than the guitar and therefore, it makes it way easier to manage for people with smaller hands. Guitars can be challenging to learn for beginners’.

    Ukuleles are zero maintenance instruments. Amount of tone wood used to manufacture is less as compared to guitars as the size of a ukulele is smaller than a guitar. Unaffected by weather seasons and climate conditions, it makes this an excellent companion for musicians who like to travel, home concerts and on stage performances. Ukuleles are smaller in size, portable, friendliest instrument to learn, bright toned, and cheaper to purchase. Its strings are softer, stretchier, and less tight than guitar strings, thus producing a warm, delicate tone.

    Guitars are fit for a varied range of musical styles and tones, and thus are expensive and have a steeper learning curve. To buy guitar online in India can be quite a challenging task whereas the ukulele is a relatively simple instrument, yet it is able to produce beautiful music that’s adored worldwide.

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