Kadence is India’s unique native musical instrument brand, founded by Siddhartha Jhunjhunwala and having exclusive Kadence Xperience outlets in Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa. With its economical and high-quality items, the company caters to both beginners and expert musicians. Kadence, based in Bangalore, opened its first manufacturing facility in India near Hoskote, Karnataka, and entered the US market.

Every year, the brand collaborates with over 2,500 artists in India, giving them a platform for a variety of projects, including open mic nights, music videos, social media engagements, seminars, radio shows, college events, and radio shows. Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Saxophone, Guitalele, and Kalimba are just a handful of Kadence’s many offerings.

Kadence was founded to address a gap in the Indian market for musical instruments. The majority of musical instruments were made by foreign companies, which were expensive and not suitable for people who just wished to add music to their lives and try a new hobby.

With the motto “Let’s Music,” Kadence believes that music transcends the concepts of time, borders, and cultures, truly connecting all of mankind and transforming us into better versions of ourselves. Kadence is on a mission to make music a part of everyone’s life – the young and the seasoned, the bathroom singers or the performers, the off-tune or in-tune, the shy and the live-wires.

Kadence has entered the worldwide market by launching sales through e-commerce partners in the United States of America, and by 2022, Kadence will be available in 16 countries.

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