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Getting life back together with a musical track


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Our family belongs to a quaint little town in Maharashtra. Visiting our town may sound like a rustic affair but therein lies the true essence of the country. Belonging to a typical Indian household, I have grown up along with my parents and grandparents.

When the pandemic took over the world last year, we all struggled to explain the pandemic to my grandparents. They would ask a hundred questions, “Why can’t we go out for our evening walks?”, “Will all people around us stay indoors & for how long?” So, I explained them the scenario in the simplest manner by assuring them, “We’ll all get more time to spend together. We can’t be stepping without taking necessary precautions.” Knowing I’d be spending more time with them made them happy, but it was easier said than done.

My grandparents are used to living a traditional lifestyle and couldn’t do without their morning newspapers, evening walks and prayers in the temple. To get them acquainted with the lockdown routine was difficult so to entertain everyone, we’d have musical evenings at home where I’d play old retro Hindi songs on Kadence Digital piano to fill their hearts with enthusiasm and joy.

Since we all weren’t going out and had restricted grandparents too from stepping out, our house help was assisting to run all the errands.

Few weeks ago, our house help went to the market & developed a fever. Even before we got her Covid results, grandpa too had fallen ill. He was surprisingly calm but when he got to know that we’d be isolating him in a room & he wouldn’t get to meet grandma, me or anyone, he was shattered.

We immediately isolated him and to make him feel better, as prescribed by the doctor, I’d play the same retro old Hindi songs in the hallway, across the room. Miraculously, ten days later he tested negative. Later, when he was able to step out and meet us, I remember him walking towards grandma, affectionately, hugging her with all the love in his heart. It’s been a complete emotional rollercoaster for all of us but the silver lining is that we got to spend time together and grew closer.

Music literally has been our savior in such difficult times. He now has started playing some new modern songs with me on Digital piano and I have been uploading videos with him on Instagram. He has formed quite an impressive fan base there who convey in the comments that his videos remind them of the time they spent with their grandparents in childhood.

Today, with a huge smile on his face he tells me, “You just see! I’m not going to leave you all so soon, I’ll at least hit the century!” And nothing warms my heart more than hear him say that.