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Success only comes to those who dare to attempt

Who Dare to Attempt

Who Dare to Attempt

When we become fans of a band, we enjoy not just their content but also the knowledge of knowing them on an individual basis. Being a celebrity isn’t simply being well-known; it means living in a world where success is combined with the mental risk-taking of being a creative for a living.

“Hi! I’m Ashwin, a sound engineer and here to tell you all about how we got started with ‘Melodies of Spring’.

We were five passionate people in our early 20s, having regular corporate jobs looking to find our inner musical voice and Kadence Xperience provided that. It extends a platform for budding artists like us to find our voice, encourages closet poets, original singers, songwriters, and all kinds of musicians to step out of their comfort zone to explore the real world of music, form connections and polish the skills. That’s how, Anjana, a banker, the lead vocalist, Aman, an engineer, fire starter with vocals and lyrics, Jennifer, the soulful pianist, Rahul, the energetic drummer, I came together and, ‘Melodies of Spring’ was born.

Our style of music production is happy music. We want our listeners to get the feeling of sunny summers, lying under the sun getting feeling of smelling fresh water sparkling on the horizon.

Our band is growing slowly like a child. Recently, when we were invited to Delhi to perform at an esteemed university, we finally got the feeling of “Apna time aa gaya.”The crowd was amazing and we had a lot of fun performing there. It feels nice coming back to a city that appreciates our work.

Initially, we only saw friends and family in the crowd. But now, we are seeing other faces in the crowd who are aware of our music and appreciate it.

Our message to aspiring artists out there is that the universe has its mysterious ways of working, keep walking on that path and one day, you are meant to get what you deserve, surely.