CL99AEQ Double Sided Heart Beat Solid Wood Cajon Box

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CL50 Heart Beat Cajon Box

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Kadence Heart Beat Cajon Box CL10OV

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CL51AS Wave Pattern Heart Beat Cajon Box

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CL50A Heart Beat Adjustable Snare Cajon Box

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CL12BK Heart Beat Adjustable Snare Cajon Box

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Originally from Peru, Cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument that is played by sitting on the instrument and striking its surface with the hands, or in some cases, with little sticks.

The six-faced musical instrument is a favourite among musicians in a variety of genres, including rock, pop, jazz and blues. It has even made appearances in Irish folk music performances.

Cajons: a brief history

The word Cajon is derived from the Spanish word “caja”, which essentially means a crate or a box. 

While there are varying origin theories for the instrument, the Cajon is widely believed to have African ancestry. It is thought to have originated in the 16th Century when the African slaves in Peru started playing their music on packing boxes as a substitute to their African drums, which were apparently banned by their owners.

How does one Pronounce Cajon?

Pronouncing Cajon can be a little tricky for traditional English speakers, and most people pronounce it with the ‘J’ sound when in reality the ‘J’ in Cajon is pronounced as a ‘H’. This is due to the word Cajon having Spanish origins. 

Therefore, the resulting pronunciation of Cajon is “Ka-Hone”

How much does a Cajon cost?

A good quality Cajon can cost anywhere from 4000 rupees to 10000 rupees depending on the level of craftsmanship, build and quality of material used to construct its Tapa (the striking surface of the Cajon) and the rest of its hardwood body. The price of the instrument also depends on the features it provides.

Kadence offers Cajons made of different types of selected woods that provide top-notch sound and playing experience. Our Cajons come with internally adjustable snare wires that allow you to adjust bass and snare sounds to your liking.

With our beautiful Cajons, you can choose to sit, play or even decorate your space!