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Love is finding someone you cannot live without.

Love is finding someone you cannot live without.

During an annual event organized in the second year of our post graduation, I met Rohan.

Everyone’s efforts had gone into making the annual event of our college look no less than a carnival celebration. A series of competitions were organized along with the display of  drama and arts. Being a movie buff, I participated in the Bollywood quiz competition where I teamed up with Rohan. We barely had spoken to each other before, despite being classmates for an entire year but I chose to team up with him as he’d claimed himself to be a huge movie buff like me.

The Bollywood quiz was held amongst students from different colleges and had several rounds. With the questions ranging from retro to recent movies, it was getting a bit tough for the other contenders. But, we successfully progressed to the final round. On the deciding round, we were made to guess a song’s name by the tune that was being played on Kadence-ukulele.

Before I could say anything, he excitedly exclaimed, “Agar tum saath ho!” And after a complete minute of silence, we were declared as winners. We hugged each other and jumped up with joy, congratulating each other. It was our team that had won that day!

Few days later, he messaged me pretending to have forgotten the song’s name, playing it as an excuse to break the ice in the beginning which now has turned into endless conversations. He is an introverted, intelligent & interesting guy who knows to charm his way with words and music while I, being a vivacious, outgoing person who is opposite in certain ways, bring out the best in him and we complement each other perfectly.

I’ve learnt that the universe has its surprising way of bonding people. If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s our 2nd anniversary of togetherness today, and he has thoughtfully gifted us the same brown colored, Kadence-Ukulele that had been part of the competition to celebrate our undying love.

As we play our song, “Agar tum saath ho”, its bright toned sound echoes all over the room, and we go back to picturing ourselves as those younger, carefree, full of life, and oh so innocently-discovering each other in love college kids, ready to take on the world!

Isn’t it amazing how a song holds the power to make us travel back in time?”