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This is why I picked the Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

*TL; DR- Because of the way it looks*

Here is a quick challenge for you- go visit your nearest guitar store and take a good look at all the guitars resting on the wall mounts, all jaded and waiting to be picked up. Try not to pick the Electric Guitar

Try again because there is no way you could resist the urge the first time. 

Let me explain:

Last Wednesday, (the infamous) Bangalore traffic jams forced me into taking a detour that led me to one of the multiple one-way streets the city has (if you are from Bangalore, you know what I am talking about), the 5th A cross road in Koramangala. Halfway down the road, drenched in sweat from the scorching heat, and cursing a random Raghu from Twitter for saying all the good things about Bangalore weather, I discovered ‘Kadence experience’- a Musical Instruments store that easily passes for a museum for musicians; and before I knew it, I had pulled the brakes on my bike.

I had been wanting a Guitar for as long as I could remember and I thought this was a good opportunity to browse through some options, so I went into the store. 

The first thing you realize upon entering the store is why it is called the Kadence ‘experience’- Warm tones, friendly employees, and a distinct woodsy odour are a few among the other things that compete to greet you. Like I did not have enough reasons to be interested in the Guitar, Kadence just kept adding more.

On the farther end of the store were these unique electric guitars that were quick to draw my attention. Beautiful slim pieces of the woodwork screaming, “I am cool and you cannot ignore me”. A closer look at those electric guitars revealed the absence of a hollow mouth in the body to stare into, shattering my assumptions about what all Guitars must look like.

Upon noticing the bewildered look on my face, Ray, an employee, explained, “This is the Kadence AstroMan electric guitar, it comes with the Stratocaster shape”. 

“It looks like a carefully bit dreadnought, doesn’t it?”, I asked jokingly

It took one whole minute for Ray to recover from my terrible attempt at a joke (he was visibly disturbed) and then, regaining his composure, he started describing the instruments. I could hear him talk about their electric guitars having the HSS and SSS pickups, as well as softer strings that are lighter on the fingers. And that is all I could hear. As he continued with the product description, I found myself getting more and more absorbed in the guitar’s beauty. I could hear less of him each time he spoke, almost as if his voice turned feebler. I mean… who could blame me? There it was- a sleek, sunburst electric guitar that looked like it came straight out of some sci-fi movie. It was there to be appreciated, and so I did.

Long story short, I went home with an Electric Guitar that day, only because of how breathtakingly beautiful it looked. It also has great features, apparently, but given how pretty it looks, I couldn’t care less.