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Saxophone Pronunciation Made Easy

A gold Saxophone along with its pronunciation

Does the thought of walking into a musical instrument store and messing up the pronunciation of a popular musical instrument like Saxophone, scare you?

Well, not anymore.

In this super short guide, I’ll break down the easiest way to pronounce ‘saxophone’ in 2 simple steps and save you from the (apparent) embarrassment of a lifetime.

Here’s how you pronounce Saxophone:

a) Break the word Saxophone into three sounds: ‘SAK’ + ‘SUH’ + ‘FOHN’ and say each word clearly and slowly, because all good things take time.

b) Once you are confident that you can recite each sound in the correct manner, simply club the three sounds – “SAK+SUH+FOHN” together and practice it until you’re confident you won’t mess it up.

You can also refer to a few YouTube videos to perfect your Saxophone pronunciation.

But remember, pronouncing the word ‘Saxophone’ might get a little tricky for a few people since it starts with the word ‘S’, which is infamous for inducing a lisp – a common speech error where the letter ‘S’ sounds like ‘Th’ (e.g. Sing is mispronounced as Thing), or it sounds ‘slushy’. 

And if you are one of those people, here is an article that will help you overcome your lisp.

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