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3 solid reasons why Kadence is the best ukulele brand today

best ukulele brand

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What to expect?

In this no-BS article, you will find less of: “aMaziNg, pOpuLar, grEaT” and more of straightforward facts that explain why Kadence tops the list of ukulele brands.

We shall look at 3 common dilemmas/problems people face while buying a new ukulele and how Kadence is the answer to all of them.

So, let’s save beating around the bush with fancy adjectives (that mean nothing) for others and get straight to the point.

Reason 1: Credibility

Problem: Ok, you have figured that you want to buy a ukulele, but which one and more importantly, from where?

Solution: Find the answer to “which one” – here

Now, when it comes to the “From where” part, the vast amount of information on various brands can lead us to a state of decision fatigue. 

Here, I am hoping to simplify that decision process by stating a few facts that show how Kadence stands out from the other brands:

a) It is the highest searched brand for Ukuleles in the country today.

The term “Kadence ukulele” features in the top 10 most searched phrases related to Ukulele; this goes to show that the brand has now become synonymous with Ukuleles- when India thinks Ukulele, it thinks Kadence!

b) Musicians and celebrities trust the brand

Kadence has established itself as a trusted brand among the big names in the music industry with the likes of Industry veterans Shreya Ghoshal, AR Rahman and Prateek Kuhad having used its instruments.

Reason 2: Free learning Course

Problem: The challenge does not end with buying the ukulele, you need to learn how to play it or there is always that threat of it becoming just another ornamental piece gracing the shelves of your home, for years on end.

Solution: Kadence now offers a free online learning course with its ukuleles. The course comes with an assessment option, certification, and a promise of teaching you to play your first song in just under 20 minutes, how cool is that!

Reason 3: After-sales service, free delivery and an easy return policy

Problem: It is not uncommon for people to fear the lack of proper after-sales support from a company while making a purchase.

Solution: Kadence has an in-house team to cater to its customer queries and an India-wide network (growing) of individual stores that hope to bring convenience to every customer.

On top of that, the company offers a free delivery service and an easy return policy