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Kadence Births a New Store in Bengaluru

Kadence Stories

Bengaluru’s posh St. Mark’s road, rich with history and renowned eateries, had just one thing missing- Music !!

Well, not anymore.

Kadence has now set up a new ‘Kadence Xperience’ store in the Prestige Delta Tower on the landmark street of the city & Kadence-births-a-new-store. Located right opposite the Bishop cotton boys’ school, now Kadence has reduced the distance between children and their musical dream to a road’s width. 

The store, which has been functional since the 9th of September 2022 is Kadence’s 8th physical outlet in India and the 4th one in Bengaluru. The store has been set up keeping in mind Kadence’s expansion policy and forever pursuit of bringing music and convenience to everybody. 

With this store, Kadence hopes to enhance accessibility and provide better service to its customers. 

And this is not the end, conversations with Kadence’s lead business manager, Sagar, revealed Kadence’s plan to set up more than 100 such physical outlets across the country in the coming years. He attributes Kadence’s remarkable growth over the years to India’s trust in the brand and an upsurge of people’s interest in music, which has been more prevalent since the pandemic hit.