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These are the Perfect Musical Instruments for your Favorite Archie’s Characters

Archie, Veronica, Jug-head and Betty once walked into a newly opened Kadence store in Riverdale and here is what they picked up-

Archie: The Red Astroman Electric Guitar (from the classical era)

We all know how ‘Sugar, Sugar’, the much celebrated song by The Archies, is considered one of the most successful bubblegum pop singles of all time

But do you know why?

Well, of course it has something to do with Archie’s mesmerizing voice but it also has a lot to do with the instrument he plays- the instrument that brings him the confidence he needs to pull off a song like that.

Someone like Archie who is loved by all, is charming and endearing, needs an instrument that does justice to his personality- you know- something that fits his main character image.

And what better instrument than a glossy, red electric guitar for the job?

Veronica: An elegant, brown Digital Piano

Veronica Lodge, the epitome of sophistication in Riverdale, has a taste for the finer things in life. 

When she strolled into Kadence, her eyes were drawn to the elegant, brown Digital Piano – a perfect match for her refined and classy persona.

Its harmonious tones resonate with Veronica’s grace, adding a touch of opulence to her musical endeavors.

Jug-Head: The Kadence Acoustic Professional Drum Kit

For Jughead Jones, the brooding and mysterious character of Riverdale, nothing speaks to his rhythm like this Kadence Acoustic Professional Drum Kit. 

As the beat master of the group, Jughead’s choice reflects his unconventional style.

The deep, resonant sounds of this drum kit perfectly complement his enigmatic personality, creating a musical vibe as intriguing as the world of Riverdale itself.

Betty: The Slowhand Cedar Acoustic Guitar

Sweet, soulful, and with a touch of melancholy – Betty Cooper’s musical soul finds its match in the Slowhand Cedar Acoustic Guitar.

Known for her heartfelt performances, Betty chose this instrument for its warm, rich tones that echo her genuine and sincere nature. This guitar becomes an extension of Betty’s emotions, allowing her to express herself with every strum and chord.


Which Archie character do you relate to the most, and what instrument are you getting?

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