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The Musical Sweet Sixteen Guitars

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

It was my best friend’s 16th birthday and we all were very excited to celebrate with her. The party was organized and we were all set for an evening filled with fun and laughter.

The party was a unicorn themed party and the dress code was anything purple!

All the guests arrived and the party started. There were so many games, a beautiful cake, so many presents, delicious food and good music. Everything was going good when BOOM! There was a power cut and it was a blackout.

I was very upset because it was a very special day for my best friend and the last thing I wanted was to see her sad. We were all thinking of a solution when my other friend came up with a genius idea.

She said we could light up the whole place with candles and we could bring in the cake while she played happy birthday on her guitar. We all got to work and I was ready to do anything to make her day special.

We lit up candles everywhere in the house and everything looked so beautiful. My friend started playing this beautiful melody on the guitar and I entered with the birthday cake in my hand. While I was walking towards her I saw how her smile returned on her face with joy of Musical Instruments. We all started singing as she cut the cake.

After that she played a few songs where we all started singing together and grooving. For a moment we had forgotten that there was no power at home because it was so much fun to do something different.

Then we played some games like guess the song and dark room hide and seek and everyone had so much fun. I could see my best friend enjoying and that made me so happy.

When everything was over and we were all tired and relaxing my best friend came up to me gave me a tight hug and said “Thank you! That Guitar saved my birthday party and I enjoyed every minute of it. If I had a chance to change anything I wouldn’t change a thing”.

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