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The Results are Out: SH04 by Kadence is India’s Best Selling Guitar

A girl playing a matte Black Acoustic guitar

Today, in the world of music, one instrument is soaring above the rest, and it’s none other than the Kadence SH04 guitar. 

Dubbed as India’s hottest musical sensation, right after Arijit Singh of course, is this Slowhand Series Acoustic Guitar by Kadence.

SH04 is not just winning hearts; it’s hitting all the right notes.

In this article, we will find out why the SH04 is the undisputed champion of India’s guitar scene and how it has earned the moniker- India’s Best Selling Guitar.

Thoughtful Design

The SH04 is not just another pretty face; it’s a genius. 

The Guitar comes in a gorgeous matte black finish and has the following design features that have made it India’s best selling guitar :

1. Adjustable Action

SH04 has an adjustable rosewood neck that keeps its strings at an ideal height for easy play- so you don’t have to worry about putting extra pressure on your cute fingers.

Plus, the guitar has a built-in truss rod that adjusts to changes in string tension and temperature, ensuring the neck remains straight and sturdy.

2. Ergonomic Demi-cut body

This is probably where the SH04 takes away the spotlight. 

The Sh04’s innovative design combines the best qualities of the two popular types of guitars: dreadnought and cutaway. 

The dreadnought guitar has a larger body and a rounded bottom bout. This gives rise to a loud and warmer tone.

Guitar Dreadnought ShapeWhile the cutaway guitar has a smaller body and a relatively narrow waist. This design helps one to access higher frets and makes it easy to play complex chords.

Cutaway Guitar ShapeAnd the demi cut design does both!

The Demi cut is the Slowhand series’ signature design and it was developed to accommodate different playing styles. 

Demi Cutaway Guitar ShapeLet me explain,

Picture this guitar without the demi-cut design, how do you access the end frets? 

Doesn’t it seem like you have to strain your fingers to reach the lower frets?

Well, that’s where the demi-cut design comes to the rescue.

SH04’s concave design allows you to easily play these end frets without having to stretch your fingers, so you don’t have to compromise on playing different tones.

In short, it makes the guitar more versatile while also enhancing its looks. Win-Win, if you ask me.

3. Tuning pegs

The SH04 comes with die-cast tuning pegs that are considered to be more durable and precise. 

They are made up of metal alloys and provide more stability, which means the guitar stays in tune for longer periods. 

Trust me on this, having to tune guitars regularly is a big headache.

And the list does not end there,

The SH04 is made with premium materials:

It has a laminated  spruce  top and a laminated mahogany back, while the fretboard and bridge are made using premium rosewood.

Best-in-class Sound

The SH04 punches way above its weight class with the quality of sound it produces.

Here are the reasons why,

1. The Design element

The Guitar’s size and shape is a significant determinant of the sound and tone it produces. 

For instance, the two major types of guitar shapes: dreadnought and cutaway produce very different types of sounds.

The dreadnought produces a full sounds with deep bass and a warm midrange. This is due to its larger body that allows for more resonance.

The cutaway, on the other hand, produces a brighter tone owing to its smaller body with low resonance. 

SH04’s demi-cut design, thus, gives you the best of both worlds as it only cuts away a smaller portion of the guitar body.

2. In-built EQ and chromatic tuner

What adds to this design element of SH04 is the in-built EQ and tuner that Kadence provides. 

The high-quality 2 Bands Kadence EQ gives you the power to fine-tune your sound like a boss. You can control the guitar sound through the amp while playing live or even when you are recording on a studio.

And its chromatic tuner ensures you never go out of tune, even when you are on the go.

3. Wood Quality

Thanks to its high-quality Spruce wood, the SH04 dishes out overtones so rich they make your music sparkle.

Sh04 is built with maintained seasoned wood that provide you with complete tonal control.

 Value for Money

The SH04 is loaded with features that gives you the best bang for your buck. These are features that you would expect in more expensive guitars. 

I mean- it is a top selling guitar after all.

The instrument comes with a host of accessories – a padded bag, built-in tuner, adjustable strap, extra strings, 3 picks, a capo, and a cable. It has everything you need for your guitar journey and more! 🎸

I mean- let’s face it- with features like that it can make even the priciest guitars blush. It’s no surprise that this guitar is leading the pack.

The Kadence SH04 is more than a guitar; it’s an anthem of excellence.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a newbie with big dreams, this guitar is your ticket to the big stage. 

Find the best deal on India’s best selling guitar- SH04 here.

You can also browse a wide collection of guitars at our official site.

let the music begin! 🎸🎶


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