Which Guitar size is suitable for a beginner?

The choice of a guitar size for a beginner depends on the height, and comfort of a person while holding the guitar.

Explain the difference between an Acoustic & Semi-Acoustic Guitar?

A semi-acoustic guitar has in-built amplification systems which would be helpful if you wish to perform on stage. An Acoustic guitar wouldn’t have this option but will be just as good in terms of playability.

What is the functionality of a Guitar Pickup?

It helps to connect the guitar to an amplifier.

What kind of Wood is good for Guitars?

In case of wood type, seasoned tone wood is good for a Guitar. And solid wood is better than laminated wood.

How many frets should be there on an Acoustic Guitar’s fretboard ?

In a standard guitar there should be a minimum 19 frets.

Which type of Violin is suitable for beginners?

There is nothing such as a beginners’ violin, you may purchase one according to your budget. It’s preferable to go for some good quality wood like spruce, solid wood, etc.

Which quality Wood will be good for Violin?

Basically the spruce wood is good for violin, and there is types of spruce wood will be like solid spruce, laminated; so the solid spruce is good

What kind of a string is there in Violin?

Violin strings are made of aluminium.