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November is the Best Month to Learn the Guitar and So is December

A Mahogany Wood Semi Acoustic Guitar

Akshat wakes up from a dream, a rather beautiful one, convinced that it is his life’s purpose to master playing the Guitar. With a brain teeming with dopamine, he starts his day.

Then comes afternoon, and his brain’s dopamine reserves start depleting.

“Maybe tomorrow” is all he can think of. Two of the most dream-slaughtering words known to mankind, together! I mean- take a moment, think about it, when was the last time you gave yourself a ‘tomorrow’ to start? Not a distant memory, presumably. And how did it go?




Not great, right?

If I have learned anything from my short run on this planet, it is that there is no day worse than tomorrow to start something. There are only so many tomorrows till never and never is closer than you think.

Fortunately for Akshat, he still has time, the clock now sits at 3 p.m. looking like a pizza slice, ready to commence its journey into a new quadrant with 9 more hours left to determine Akshat’s escape from the curse of ‘tomorrow’.

Aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, he encounters a reel that explains the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins, which basically talks about a 5-second window the brain gives us to act upon an urge/goal before killing it.

This was enough stimulus for Akshat to act, it was time he made his early morning dream a reality, but the clock is not a friend and Akshat is 3 seconds older. Will he take action? Will this  planet find its new guitar genius?

Akshat takes it as a hint from the universe and immediately starts looking for guitars on the internet, beating Mel Robbins’ ‘5-second clock’. But even a to-be pro needs to start somewhere! He skims through guitar options online with a search panel that reads– ‘best acoustic guitars for beginners. 

SH03, an elegant yet true-to-form semi acoustic guitar by Kadence catches his eye and a now much wiser and aware Akshat is quick to place an order for his new guitar.

Today, Akshat is on his way to becoming a professional guitarist. 

When are you starting? 

Or  is it going to be ‘tomorrow’

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