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Marketer by Day, Pianist by Night


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In the crisis-hit city of Metropolis, a reporter that goes by the name Clark kent, swooshes past alleys at a breakneck speed. Not an uncommon sight you might think; this is what reporters do- rush to report emergencies. Well, Clark is a little different, he does not just report emergencies, he corrects them too, thus earning him the moniker: “Superman”.

Now, while you might be familiar with Superman living a double life, you might not know of Milind, who is a marketer at a musical instrument brand, doing the same. 

Milind is all but a superman himself, with exceptions that include not having to save people dangling from skyscrapers or ripping off his clothes to reveal the insignia- ‘S’ imprinted underneath. Milind is the Superman who might not be saving people (yet) but with what he does, that is playing the piano, he saves himself, every day.

“The fact that I can play the Piano after I get back home from work is what gets me through most days”, says Milind.

Milind is also a superstar in his alternate work life; when he is not spewing out magic with his seemingly irregular hitting of piano keys, Milind is at work making bank with his exceptional marketing skills. However, his colleagues at work are not privy to his knack for the piano. On asking why, he replied with an old Japanese proverb that goes like this:

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down”, he adds saying, “I like to be invisible at work, homogenous. My work should be the subject of interest, not me, and a pianist Milind does not really add to that equation.”

“B-but don’t you work for a musical instrument brand?”, we asked him, hinting at the relevance.

“Yes, and my love for the piano is what got me into doing what I do, but no one has to know that”, he says.

Milind believes in introducing more and more people to music, he understands that most people will not go beyond being hobbyists and that not everyone is earmarked for a musical career, even though, he says that it is necessary, for it is through music that we learn to live a little more.

We wanted to pick Milind’s brain about other such things concerning pianos and music, but he was quick to turn us down.

“I must go play the Piano now”, he said in a sure voice, a voice that did not care for a reply, as he got up to wear a different hat. It was time the marketer became the pianist.