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Kadence Brings Wambooka Diamond Darbuka to India

A Man Playing a Polycarbonate material Darbuka Drum by Kadence with Wambooka branding

Kadence has long been the ‘torchbearer of musical excellence in India’ and it intends to keep that title with its new introduction- the Wambooka Diamond Darbuka.

This innovative instrument is the first of its kind in India and is born from the fusion of traditional darbuka and modern creativity.

But before we discuss what makes this instrument special, let’s dive into the history of the iconic Darbuka

 The Darbuka’s Timeless Legacy

Originating from North and East Africa, the darbuka, also known by the names: doumbek and goblet drum, has traversed the globe, captivating hearts with its entrancing rhythms. 

Darbuka’s history can be traced back to 1100 BCE when they were used in the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. 

When something lasts that long, it is probably because it is good.

Now, let’s understand what makes the wambooka diamond better than the other darbukas available in the market

1. It’s alluring aesthetic

What sets the Wambooka Diamond apart is its modern and minimalistic appearance. 

It is crafted in the likeness of a traditional darbuka where the entire shell of the instrument( including the hoop) appears as if it were made from glass.

However, it’s not glass but an innovative one-piece solid body that gives the Wambooka its crystalline allure. 

This darbuka comes complete with a custom luxury bag designed to snugly accommodate it, featuring a convenient side zipper and a shoulder strap for effortless transport.

Do not buy this instrument unless you are prepared to answer tons of “Where did you get this from?” questions. Seriously, it is that good.

2. Superior Playing Experience

Traditional darbuka playing involves wedging the instrument under your arm, positioning your forearm longitudinally with your wrist floating above the batter’s edge. 

This positioning leaves your other arm free to play the head. 

Different types of strikes produce distinct notes, such as bass tones from striking the head’s centre with your fingers or high-pitched tones from striking closer to the head’s edge with the flat of your fingers. Muting either stroke creates another unique sound. 

The Wambooka diamond’s hard material ensures even light strokes resonate clearly, swiftly reverberating throughout the sound chamber.

Now coming to feature that makes the Wambooka diamond the cream of the crop,

3. Water Infusion

Where the Wambooka Diamond Darbuka truly stands apart is in its ability to contain water.

While we rarely recommend adding water to musical instruments, the Wambooka invites a unique exploration.

 Here’s how this works,

Pouring water into the open end of a Darbuka might seem odd at first, but that’s where the magic kicks in. 

When you hit the head, the water mutes parts of it and the shell, resulting in intriguing and surprising sounds as the water sloshes around. 

Purposeful wobbling while playing unveils a whole new world of sounds. Plus, you can get creative by running your fingers along the shell and using water to shape and transform the instrument’s sound.

You can rest assured that there will be no leaks, thanks to its well-sealed head.


Kadence’s introduction of the Wambooka Diamond Darbuka to India marks a new era in musical exploration.

This instrument seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, allowing musicians to embark on a sonic journey like never before..

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