Concert is the ideal size to start with, but ultimately it depends on your comfort & choice.

Its sound depends on quality of tonewood & in-built quality

You may begin your musical journey with Acoustic or Semi-Acoustic ukulele. If you are looking for a one time investment, you may go with a semi-acoustic ukulele.

In case of wood type, seasoned tone wood is good for a ukulele. And solid wood is better than laminated wood.

The projection of sound does differ slightly according to the ukulele size, a bigger sized Ukulele would sound fuller when compared to a smaller option.

There are mainly four types of Ukulele- Soprano – 21”, Concert- 23/24, “Tenor– 26”, Baritone – 30”.

Ukulele is one of the friendliest instruments to learn, and you can learn it well within the duration of three months.

No, Ukulele is tuned according to a standard ukulele tuning, that is GCEA.

  1. Stretching: Nylon strings are prone to stretching, especially when they are new. As you play your ukulele, the strings will stretch and settle into place over time. This stretching can cause the strings to detune slightly, which is why it’s important to tune your ukulele regularly.
  2. Temperature and humidity changes: Changes in temperature and humidity can cause the nylon strings to expand or contract, which can cause them to detune. For example, if you go from a warm room to a cold room, the strings may contract and cause the ukulele to go out of tune. Similarly, if the humidity in the air changes, the strings may expand or contract, causing detuning.
  3. Playing style: The way you play your ukulele can also cause the strings to detune. If you strum too hard or play too aggressively, you may put too much tension on the strings, causing them to detune. Similarly, if you press too hard on the strings, you may cause them to stretch and detune.
  4. Age and wear: Over time, nylon strings can become worn and lose their elasticity, which can cause them to detune more easily. If your ukulele is old or if you’ve been playing it for a long time, it may be time to replace the strings to prevent detuning.

Overall, nylon strings on a ukulele can detune automatically due to a variety of factors. By understanding these factors and taking steps to maintain your ukulele, you can help to prevent detuning and keep your ukulele sounding great.


The choice of a guitar size for a beginner depends on the height, and comfort of a person while holding the guitar.

A semi-acoustic guitar has in-built amplification systems which would be helpful if you wish to perform on stage. An Acoustic guitar wouldn’t have this option but will be just as good in terms of playability.

It helps to connect the guitar to an amplifier.

In case of wood type, seasoned tone wood is good for a Guitar. And solid wood is better than laminated wood.

In a standard guitar there should be a minimum 19 frets.

A classical guitar has Nylon strings & an Acoustic guitar has strings made of Steel or Bronze. The neck of the Classical Guitar is slightly wider when compared to the standard Acoustic Guitar.

For a beginner, using a pick with a lower gauge (thickness) would be helpful. 0.46 & 0.71 mm sized picks/plectrum is perfect for the Acoustic Guitar.

The overall sound quality of a guitar depends on build & quality of tone wood.


There is nothing such as a beginners’ violin, you may purchase one according to your budget. It’s preferable to go for some good quality wood like spruce, solid wood, etc.

Basically the spruce wood is good for violin, and there is types of spruce wood will be like solid spruce, laminated; so the solid spruce is good

Violin strings are made of aluminium.

The accessories needed to play Violin are Bow, Rosin & Shoulder Rest.

Violin Bow is made of wood or carbon fiber & the threads are made of Horse’s hair or plastic.

Acoustic violin doesn’t have any options to connect with a speaker. Semi-acoustic has an amplification system that allows us to connect with speakers and Electric violin is made of solid wood plus has an amplification system.

You can learn it by yourself but it’s always better to have a teacher who can guide you throughout the process well.


A beginner can start off with any electric guitar, but it would be preferable to go for one in a lower price range and then upgrade based on their interest.

Playing Electric guitar is easy to press and play, but unlike an Acoustic Guitar, it would highlight any minor errors and make your playing sound slightly off.

An average electric guitar costs around INR 15000.

You will need an Amplifier to get the sound output, and a guitar cable to connect your Electric Guitar to the Amplifier.

Electric Guitars come in different designs and build types. The basic functionality of these guitars are all the same

We should have at least 21 frets on the fretboard of an electric guitar

It helps to select the pickup positioning of the guitar.

HSS stands for Humbucker, single coil & single coil pickup configuration

Synchronized Tremolo Bridge, Tune-o-matic , Floyd Rose , Fixed Bridge