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    Slowhand 38″ Mahogany Guitar


    Slowhand 38″ Cedar Acoustic Guitar


    Slowhand Semi Acoustic 41″ Cedar Wood Guitar With Super Combo.


    Slowhand Semi Acoustic 41″ Black Spruce Wood Guitar With Super Combo.


    Slowhand Semi Acoustic Cedar Wood Guitar with Hardcase


    Slowhand Semi Acoustic 41″ Mahogany Wood Guitar With Super Combo.


    Slowhand Semi Acoustic 40″ Spruce Wood Guitar With Bag


    Slowhand 41” Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar SH01 Left Handed with Bag


    Slowhand Solidwood Semi Acoustic Cedar Wood Guitar


    Kadence Slowhand Solidwood Semi Acoustic Spruce Wood Guitar


    Kadence Slowhand Semi Acoustic Spruce Wood Guitar with Hardcase


    Kadence Slowhand Guitar Series

    Slowhand guitar series, a collection of expertly crafted acoustic guitars designed for discerning musicians seeking exceptional tone and playability.

    Craftsmanship and Materials

    Crafted with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, these guitars deliver rich, warm tones and excellent sustain. The high-quality tonewoods are carefully selected for their resonance and visual appeal.

    Comfortable Playing Experience

    The Slowhand Series guitars feature a comfortable C-shaped neck profile and a rosewood fingerboard, making them a joy to play for extended periods of time. The smooth fretboard allows for fast and precise playing, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort during long performances.

    Variety of Models

    Available in dreadnought and cutaway models, each guitar comes with a built-in Fishman preamp and pickup system for easy amplification. The dreadnought model has a powerful, full-bodied sound that’s perfect for strumming and flatpicking, while the cutaway model offers easy access to the upper frets and a slightly brighter tone that’s ideal for fingerstyle playing.

    Elegant Design

    Both models are finished with an elegant natural gloss that highlights the beauty of the tonewoods and adds a touch of sophistication to your stage presence. The guitars’ classic design and premium finish make them an eye-catching addition to any stage or studio.

    Outstanding Value and Quality

    Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a beginner, the Kadence Slowhand Series offers outstanding value and exceptional quality. With its premium features and affordable price point, it’s a must-have for any serious guitarist looking to upgrade their instrument.


    Overall, the Kadence Slowhand guitar series is a versatile and reliable choice for any guitarist. Whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio, these guitars offer exceptional tone, playability, and value.

    With their expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and elegant design, the Slowhand Series is sure to impress any musician.


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