Xtreme Acoustic By Kadence Digital Piano White DP-01-WH with Triple Padel and Stand

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47,940.00 24,999.00

1.800 tones/600 rhythms
2.128 polyphony/80 demos
3.MP3 infrared
4.Triple pedal
6.Keyboard drum/double tone
7.Recording and playing
8.External dual headphone socket
9.Weak /delayed/delayed pedal,
Utype Stand
10. One touch response

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Kadence DP-01-WH Digital Piano is the best entry piano for performing various styles of music.

It has a touch response keyboard with powerful on-board speakers and above all, it has easy-to-use professional features.

It comes with external dual headphone socket, Keyboard drum, double tone, Recording and playing. Above all, it comes with triple pedals: soft pedal, sostenuto pedal, and sustain pedal. The instrument is secured with a U-type stand. The piano also offers a MIDI connection, allowing it to be controlled by other electronic instruments and sequencers.

The digital piano is also more compact and, subsequently, can be placed in a home of any size. It is more portable than an acoustic piano and therefore can be transported with ease when necessary. Unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos do not need any form of maintenance since a digital piano doesn’t use hammers and strings to produce sound so there’s no tuning required.

Kadence has spent a lot of time carefully optimizing the interplay of electronics and mechanics.  These are not only similar to those of an acoustic piano in form and material, but also follow the same motion sequences, through which the play feel of a grand piano is conveyed to the player.

Despite the many features, everything is simple and reliably usable, so even beginners can happily use a digital piano. Try out the Kadence Digital Piano and fulfill your dream of the perfect musical instrument.

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2 reviews for Xtreme Acoustic By Kadence Digital Piano White DP-01-WH with Triple Padel and Stand

  1. Jewel

    Good paino.lice look

  2. Lokeshwaran

    Can we directly plug it in pc or desktop without having DAW?

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