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Kadence, Behind the Scenes - When you order from us.

We take you behind the scenes to show all that happens to get your favorite musical instrument to your doorstep. From processing to quality check to dispatch, we demystify all the steps we take to ensure you get the best quality products and have the best experience with us.

Somewhere between the Atlantic and Pacific.

The ukulele has been telling stories from its origins in Portugal to the azure waters of Hawaii for centuries now. This humble instrument has become a very dominant one in the inde music industry.

When the acoustics are in good reach.

There has always been a trade off between the reach of higher frets of a Cutaway and the full bodied sound of a Drednought. Not anymore! Experience highest sound fidelity with ease of reach in the Slowhand Series

The road, it sings a song to the melodies of my life.

The most important things that you will carry with you on your journeys are your memories and the songs you will sing about them. Use the Wanderer series to do that.

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Join over 2 Lakh people

Join a growing community of over 2 Lakh people who are learning, creating and teaching using our products. We are here with just one purpose in mind, to go out into the world and invite everyone to find their inner musician. Join us – Let’s Music.