Music as a Second Language

Let’s Music is not something we keep telling everyone, its the mantra we live by. Music doesn’t need to only be a hobby. We are here to equip you to learn, nurture your skills and help (in any way we can) make it your profession. ‘Coz there is nothing cooler than playing music everyday and getting paid for it.

Kadence is always there to help you to find your special instrument, help you learn it and start creating your music with it. We will help you find the greatest musician that you have missed all these years while finding new ones to listen to, YOU!

At Kadence we know that quality of an instrument can not be overlooked. Which is why we only choose the best quality wood, aged just the right amount in time, crafted by the the most experienced hands. We don’t want a guitar to play chords we want it to sound extraordinary.

Our unique designs not only add an aesthetic value to the beauty of an instrument but it is placed to have a very practical purpose as well. Every design element enhances the experience and sound quality. 

Instruments that sound as they should